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Are you unhappy with one or more of the rooms in your home, but you don’t want to move? You don’t have to leave your home. Instead, Wheeling Construction can remodel your home to your specifications. That means you will have the home of your dreams while keeping the same address.

Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects

No project is too big or too small for Wheeling Construction. The remodeling experts have completed extensive remodels that changed the entire look of the home as well as small upgrades for a single room.

While there are lots of remodeling options, some projects are more common than others. Don’t worry if you don’t see your planned remodeling project listed. Simply contact Wheeling Construction, discuss your plans, and get ready to enjoy the transformation.

Kitchen Remodel

You probably spend lots of time in your kitchen. From cooking meals to enjoying a cup of coffee with guests, it is a high-traffic area. If you aren’t happy with your kitchen, you’re far from alone. Many Wheeling residents choose to remodel their kitchens so that they can get more enjoyment and use out of the space. From basic remodels such as refacing cabinets and upgrading sinks to larger makeovers, Wheeling Construction can easily handle your kitchen remodeling needs.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathrooms have changed a lot over the years. They are more spacious and elegant than they were in the past, and a remodel is the way to embrace the current style. You can choose something modern, elegant, or even opulent with your remodel. You even have the option of pairing the bathroom remodel with a home addition if you need some extra space. With so many options, it’s easy to get the bathroom of your dreams.

Basement Remodels

Many of the homes in Wheeling have unused basements. Many people choose a basement remodel to finish the basement and turn it into a living space. Just imagine what you can do with your basement once it’s finished. You can turn it into a game room or a place for the family to congregate. Your basement can even be an extra bedroom or two. Get more use out of the space with a basement remodel.

Benefits of Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling your home does more than improving the looks. It comes with some other benefits as well. If you are on the fence about remodeling your Wheeling home, go over some of the top benefits.

Increase Your Resale Value

Your home is likely your biggest asset. Each time you pay your mortgage, you build more equity and if you sell it, you can net a nice profit. That profit can increase by remodeling your home. Some remodeling projects have a return on investment that is higher than what you spend. If you want to learn more about the return on investment for your project, talk to Wheeling Construction. The team can go over your specific renovation and explain the return on investment that you can expect.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Does it seem like your energy bills get higher and higher every year? You could be wasting energy due to problems such as drafty windows. Wheeling Construction can evaluate your home and look for problems that are wasting energy. Then, the team can create a plan to make your home more efficient. Your energy bills should start to decrease once your home is more energy-efficient. You might even be eligible for a tax credit for some of the energy-efficient upgrades.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Real estate might grow in value as the years pass, but that comes at a cost. You have to maintain your home so that the value increases. Those maintenance costs can add up and the projects can also eat up lots of time. Fortunately, you can reduce the time and money you put into maintenance after you remodel your home.

Make Your Home More Comfortable and Livable

When you think of remodeling your home, you likely think of how great it will look. It’s true that your home will look amazing when the project is finished, but that’s just half the story. It will also be more comfortable and livable for your entire family. For example, if you remodel your kitchen, you can change the layout to make cooking more fun. That’s just one way that a home remodel can help you enjoy your home.

How to Start the Home Remodeling Process

Are you unsure of how to start the process? Wheeling Construction makes it as easy as possible. Start by contacting Wheeling Construction with your remodeling idea. The team will assess the project and provide a quote. Then, the team will create the plans and start the project.

You don’t have to move to have the home of your dreams. You’re just one remodeling project away from falling in love with your house.