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You’ve tried house hunting, but none of the homes are quite right. Now, you know that you don’t want to live in someone else’s home. You want a custom-built home. That’s the only way you will get exactly what you want. Wheeling Construction provides custom-built homes for our clients. If you want the best in craftsmanship, contact us today.

Benefits of Customized Homes

Building a custom home comes with benefits you cannot possibly get if you buy a house that’s already on the market. Join the others in Wheeling that have chosen customized homes due to these benefits.

The Freedom of Choice

If you have ever attended an open house, the experience probably wasn’t that enjoyable. Your mind couldn’t stop thinking about all the things you would like to change. You would choose different paint colors, the appliances weren’t right, and why would anyone select those countertops? You knew if you purchased one of these homes, you would have to borrow money to make all the changes you wanted. That could add tens of thousands of dollars to the price of the home. On top of that, you would spend months or years getting the home to your specifications. That’s the last thing you want to do after moving into a house.

With new construction, you don’t have to live with anyone else’s decision. You can choose everything, including the:

  • Flooring
  • Appliances
  • Cabinetry
  • Amenities

You are in control of the details, so you can finally get the perfect home. It’s not a matter of “I’ll fix that when I close on the home.” It will be exactly how you want it when you move in. Then, you can enjoy your home instead of working your way down a to-do list.

Custom Floor Plans

During your time touring other homes, something else stood out as well. You didn’t love most of the floor plans. Some homes seemed to waste square footage, while others didn’t’ flow well. With new construction, you can choose the floor plan. The team at Wheeling Construction will go over ideas with you or you can begin the process of creating a new plan for your unique needs. Whether you want a spacious bedroom, private nooks and crannies, an open plan, or something else, there are only two things that can limit you. First, there’s your imagination, and second, the skills of the team that you choose. Fortunately, Wheeling Construction has lots of experience creating custom homes, and can even help you with ideas if needed. That means you won’t have to worry about limits during your new construction project.

Lot Choice

If you buy an existing home, you only have so many choices. You can’t buy a home that you love on a lot that you dislike and then relocate it. You will have to live on the lot and try to be happy about it. With a custom home, you can choose the lot. That means you can choose something around other houses, or you can get something that sits on some acres. If you’re going to have your dream home, it’s nice to have it on your dream lot as well. That’s yet another reason so many Wheeling residents choose new construction.


Many people agree that Wheeling is one of the best places to live in Illinois, if not the entire country. Still, you want your privacy when you’re at home. Choosing new construction is an easy way to ensure your privacy. From selecting the orientation of the home to choosing a private layout, many people appreciate the privacy these homes offer.

Save Money

On the surface, it might seem like building a custom home is more expensive than purchasing an existing home. It’s true that you will likely spend more money up front. However, you’ll likely save money in the long run. Since everything in the home is new (including the structure itself), you won’t spend nearly as much money on maintenance or upkeep. While your friends and family replace air conditioner units, rip up flooring, and stress about their foundations, you will hum a long, happy tune that you chose a new home.

How the Process Works

New construction is a breeze when you choose Wheeling Construction. Experienced in all stages of the building process, you will have a team in your corner, helping you with all your needs. That means you won’t have to worry about stress. Instead, you can look forward to your new home.

To begin the process, reach out to Wheeling Construction. After going over your needs and budget, the team can design the project for you. Once approved, it won’t be long before you’re living in your new home.

Start the process by contacting Wheeling Construction today. Then, you will be that much closer to starting the project.