Wheeling Construction

Windows FAQ

How much will a windows project cost?

The cost of new replacement windows really depends on the factors like the windows frame material you’ve chosen, number of windows in your home and the size of your windows. At Wheeling Construction, Inc. Apart from them windows locking system, tinting, screens etc are also the deciding factor for the cost of windows replacement project.

Who will visit my home for a windows estimate?

One of our window consultants will visit your home/office to discuss your projects needs. We take measurements, go over your product and pricing options and schedule a time to start your project.

How durable are your windows?

All of our windows have high durability because we install the best products in the industry along with trained window experts that know how to get the installation dine right the first time. Please visit our windows section for details.

Will new windows increase my home value?

Absolutely! If you install new windows at your home, the value of your home will definitely increase depending on the type of materials used. Windows are a huge energy saver and something homeowners look for when buying a home.

How long will it take to install my new windows?

It will take around 3-7 days depending on the size of the project for us to successfully complete a windows installation if we’re unaffected from external weather downtime.