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Siding FAQ

Do I need to be at home during the siding installation process?

No, our Wheeling Construction, Inc. siding team can perform this work while you continue on with your day. We do our best not to disrupt yoru daily life and our project managers will keep you updated on the progress of the siding installation at all times.  

How much will new siding cost me?

This is one of the most common questions of any homeowner. The cost of new siding depends on the type of siding you choose. Siding made from lightweight materials are more affordable and easier to install than sidings made from heavy materials. However, heavy material based sidings have incredible durability that lasts for 20 years or more. We will discuss all of your options as we carry and install all industry leading msiding materials.

What are my Replacement Options?

There are different types of sidings available on the market. Therefore you’ll have wide range of options to choose your siding. Here are some siding options that are extremely popular around the Chicagoland area:

Vinyl Siding:- Vinyl siding is an alternative to aluminum siding having 2 layers viz capstock and the substrate. Both layers primarily contain PVC and resins. In this type of siding, the bottom layer facilitates the manufacturing process while the top layers protect your home against UV light damage.

Wood Siding: Wood sidings offers timeless beauty and are easy to find and install. You can save good amount on installation costs while choosing it.

Fiber Cement Siding: This type of siding is made from a combination of sand, cement and recycled wood fibers and is incredibly popular throughout the United State. It is an ideal choice for those homeowners who demands eco-friendly additions to their home.

Aluminum Siding: It is also a classical siding and premier choice for homeowners because of its durability of 40 years. Such siding is free from issues rot and termite infestations and never get humid in the summer season.

How long does siding installation typically take?

The estimated time for siding installation vary with the size and type of job. However, on an average, it will take around 2-9 days for us to complete the installation process under the uninterrupted climate condition

What types of warranties do you offer?

Wheeling Construction follows all manufacturing warranties. For more information about our warranty terms and conditions, please call us at 773-620-1315.