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Home Remodeling FAQ

What is included in a free remodeling estimate?

In our free remodeling estimate, customer will be provided with a detailed scope of work based on the discussion between the customer and project consultant regarding the project needs. One of our Wheeling Construction, Inc. representatives will visit your premise on request to visualize and measure out the space to be remodeled.

What is the difference between free estimate and a design agreement?

A free estimate determines the estimated cost for your project whether you’re remodeling a single room or remodeling your whole house. The estimated price is for the entire project that may vary through the process of design.

A design agreement on the other hand is an agreement that determines that you’ve hired Wheeling Constructions to remodel your home but you’re not sure on the design you want to build. Under such condition, we sign a contract with the customers for the design portion only.

How much I need to pay for a design agreement?

Generally most kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel projects are contracted without a design agreement. In case of a few design agreements, customers have to come to an agreement followed by signing a contract for the final project price recommended by us based on measurement and rendering of your home.

How Long will the project take?

Generally we discuss the duration of your project while having a free consultation with you regarding your project requirements. The duration of project depends on the project length. However, we work with dedication during the project to make sure we stay on-time and on-budget.

How much will my construction and remodeling project cost?

The cost of your construction and remodeling project vary from project to project. We not only offer free estimates, but we also provide solutions to the customer after understanding their home remodeling needs so they can make the most informed decision. Get a free quote now for your home remodeling with us to evaluate the estimated cost for project.