Wheeling Construction

Roofing FAQ

How much do you charge for a roofing estimate?

Wheeling Construction offers free estimates to the customers on request. Ask a free quote for your project at 773-620-1315.

What information do I need to provide before the estimate?

If you need an estimate for roof installation, one of our crew members will reach your home to discuss and understand your painting project needs. Based on your project budget and measurements taken for the job, we will provide you with an FREE Estimate for the job.

How long will it take to install a new roof?

We focus on completing the roof installation job as early as possible to lower further interruption to your daily routine. Generally, we install a roof within a day or two depending on the size of the job, as well as any external conditions such as weather that could affect the timeframe.

How will you protect my home if it rains?

We are always prepared for all types of disruptive Chicago weather like rain, snow or storm damage type conditions. We do however take all the necessary precautions as well as using coverings to protect your home against heavy rain.

Who will perform the Roofing work at my home?

We are a team of highly experienced, well trained and licensed roofing installers who can perform roof installation or roof replacement with utmost safety. Our prime objective is to simply enhance the beauty and efficiency of your home with proper painting methods in a quick, non-intrusive approach on each and every roofing project.

Siding FAQ

Do I need to be at home during the siding installation process?

No, you do not need to be at home during the siding replacement timeframe. Many people work during the day and our team will perform the work and update you while you go about your day.

How much will new siding cost me?

This is one of the most common question of many of our homeowners. The cost of new siding depends on the type of siding you choose. Siding is made from lightweight materials are more affordable and easier to install than sidings made from heavy materials. However, heavy material based sidings have incredible durability that lasts for 20 years or more. We will walk you through this process making it easy to understand.

What are my Siding Replacement Options?

There are many different types of siding available in the market, therefore you’ll have wide range of options to choose your siding. Here are some popular siding types that are extremely popular around the Chicagoland area.

Vinyl Siding: Vinyl siding is an alternative to aluminum siding having 2 layers viz capstock and the substrate. Both layers primarily contain PVC and resins. In this type of siding, the bottom layer facilitates the manufacturing process while the top layers protect your home against UV light damage.

Wood Siding: Wood sidings offers timeless beauty and are easy to find and install. You can save good amount on installation costs while choosing it.

Fiber Cement Siding: This type of siding is made from a combination of sand, cement and recycled wood fibers and is incredibly popular throughout the United State. It is an ideal choice for those homeowners who demands eco-friendly additions to their home.

Aluminum Siding: It is also a classical siding and premier choice for homeowners because of its durability of 40 years. Such siding is free from issues rot and termite infestations and never get humid in the summer season.

How long does the siding installation take?

The estimated time for siding installation vary with the size and type of job. However, on an average, it will take around 3-10 days for us to complete the installation process under uninterrupted climate conditions. We will work with you in the beginning to go over exact time frames when it comes to your project.

Gutter FAQ:

Do you charge for gutters estimates?

We do not charge for gutter estimates. Simple contact us and we will set up an appointment to go over your gutter repair or gutter replacement project.

Q2 Are all gutters same or can they differ?

Ans2. No, all gutters are not same. Gutters offered by us differ from each other based on the product materials and installation practices.


Q3 Which gutter will work for a large roof area?

Ans3 For a large roof area, over-sized gutter will work best. Generally we recommend 5” aluminum gutter or 6” steel “fascia style” gutter for a large roof area.

Q4 Do you have professionals for gutter installation?


Ans4 Yes. all of our team members involved in gutter installation are licensed and well trained. We never hire any sub-contractor for the gutter installation as we focus on delivering high standard work.



Q5 Do you follow Leafaway Gutter Protection System?

Ans5 Yes we follow Leafaway Gutter protection system to prevent rainwater to flow into the gutter. Gutters using this system are installed by our trained installation crews. Our installer can professionally eliminate any structural damage caused by failed gutters.


Windows FAQ

Q1 How much will windows project cost?

Ans1 The cost of a windows project depends on the factors like the windows frame material you’ve chosen, number of windows in your home and the size of your windows. Apart from them windows locking system, tinting, screens etc are also the deciding factor for the cost of windows replacement project.


Q2  Who will visit my home for windows estimate?

Ans2  Once you ask for a quote with Wheeling Construction, one of our project consultant will visit your home/office to discuss your projects needs and having a conversation with you regarding the windows installation process.


Q3 How durable are your windows options?

Ans3 All of our windows have high durability. We install all materials the right way, hence we can maximize the durability and longevity of the materials used. Please visit our windows section for details.


Q4 Will new windows increase my home’s value?

Ans 4 Yes. If you install new windows at your home, the value of your premise will definitely increase by approximately 80% of the windows project depending on the type of material used.



Q5 How long will it take to install my new windows?

Ans4 It will take around 1-2 weeks for us to successfully complete the windows installation or repair job if we’re unaffected from external affairs.


Remodeling FAQ

Q1 What is included in a free remodeling estimate?

Ans 1 In our free modeling estimate, customer will be provided with a detailed scope of work based on the discussion between the customer and project consultant regarding the project needs.  One of our representatives will visit your premise on request to visualize the space to be remodeled.

Q2 What is the difference between free estimate and a design agreement?

Ans 2 A free estimate determines the estimated cost for your project whether you’re remodeling a single room or remodeling your whole house. The estimated price is for the entire project that may vary through the process of design.

A design agreement on the other hand is an agreement that determines that you’ve hired Wheeling Constructions to remodel your home but you’re not sure on the design you want to build. Under such condition, we sign a contract with the customers for the design portion only.

Q3 How much I need to pay for a design agreement?

Ans 3 Generally our kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel projects are contracted without a design agreement. In case of a few design agreements, customers have to come to an agreement followed by signing a contract for the final project price recommended by us based on measurement and rendering of your home.

Q4 How Long will the project take?

Ans4 Generally we discuss the duration of your project while having a free consultation with you regarding your project requirements.  The duration of project depends on the project length. However, we work with dedication during the working hours with a motto to accomplish your project on time.


Q5 How much will my construction and remodeling project cost?

Ans 5 The cost of your construction and remodeling project vary from project to project. We not only offer quotes but we also provide solutions to the customer after understanding their home remodeling needs so they can make the most informed decision. Get a free quote now for your home remodeling with us to evaluate the estimated cost for project.


New Construction FAQ

Q1 What is a custom home?

Ans 1 While looking for a brand new home to live in, if you can’t find the right one to fit your needs, you must have to go for building a custom home.  Wheeling Construction can build a custom dream home for you at the most affordable cost. If you own a land and want us to build a custom home there for you, we will be happy to do so.


Q2 Is there any cost to receive a price quote on my new home?

Ans 2 Absolutely not! We never charge even a single dollar to provide a quote for your project. We provide the most detailed price quotes for the new construction project after discussion your needs and dreams.


Q3 How many changes can I make to one of your floor plans?

Ans3 We works for our esteemed customers and gives our best to satisfy them with our quality service. When it comes to changes on floor plans, you can literally make as many changes as you want. We happily do all the changes suggested by you even if you want to move a few wall or want to add square footage to your home.


Q4 How long will the project continue from start to finish?

Ans 4 The project duration depends on the size of the home and the location of the build. After understanding your project requirements for a custom new home, we take around 3-4 months time for planning and designing process followed by another 4-5 months for the building stages.


Q5 Will your team come out to evaluate my future home site?

Ans 5 Yes. Once we received a request for quote, we will surely take a walkthrough for you free of cost and without any obligation. During our inspection, we analyze your land and address any concern to ensure that it will be the right place for your new home.


Home Addition FAQ

Q1 Do you just build additions?

Ans1 Wheeling Construction is a complete design building remodeling company. We transform your home according to your requirements within your budget.

Q2 Do you use sub-contractors?

Ans2 No. we never hire any sub-contractor or third party to handle your project. We keep our customer satisfaction at the topmost priority and our experienced staff builds entire home additions on their own.

Q3 What type of home additions do you offer?

Ans 3 Wheeling Construction offers varieties of home additions for clients. All home additions build by us fall into one of the following 3 categories:

Conventional Home Additions : In conventional additions our experienced contractors design and install the new addition so that it blends perfectly with your existing house.

Bump Outs: If you’re working with a small budget then you can expand the size one of the rooms in your home with bump-outs addition option.

Sunroom Addition: Wheeling Construction can build sunroom additions for your existing home within your existing budget.


Q4 How many projects do you manage at a time?

Ans4 Being a construction service provider, we’re loaded with number of projects. We appoint a single project consultant for each project who ensures the proper progress.  It is only our proper project management system that enables us to manage each project properly without hampering the other one.


Q5 Do you provide home addition service in winter season?

Ans 5 Yes, we do provide home addition in winter. Foundations are poured by us in winter season with special additive to ensure proper curing in cold temperatures. We offer simple home addition service to our customers throughout the year.