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Updating Your Homes Roof: 17 Amazing Benefits

When you’re considering a roofing replacement Chicago many homeowners question whether or not updating their roof is worthwhile. When you work with a reputable roofing company Chicago they can offer you the best roofing upgrades that will give you with a wide variety of benefits including.

#1 New roofs come with a guarantee

A Chicago roofing company will provide their customers with a stable warranty for any roof replacement. This will help deal with many of the concerns you may have about the cost of updating your roof.

#2 A worthwhile investment

Any work done during a roofing replacement Chicago is not cheap, however, if you intend to sell your property at any stage in the future an updated roof will prove to be a shrewd investment. Experts estimate that you will receive up to 70% of the cost of your roof update when it comes time to sell.

#3 Boost your home’s curb appeal:

Talk to any roofing company Chicago and they will tell you that investing in roofing updates instantly affects the curb appeal of your home. Whether you intend to stay in the property or sell it curb appeal is vital to attracting prospective buyers, but it also shows your neighbors you take pride in your home.

#4 Update to improve energy efficiency

The top roofing company Chicago are experts at installing energy efficient roofing. As your home gets older, remodeling is inevitable to help with maintenance. One of the most cost-effective methods of reducing your energy bills is to upgrade our replace your roof.

#5 Reduce maintenance costs

This benefit is largely overlooked, but if it forces your HVAC system to heat an energy inefficient home for a long period, then it is working far harder than they design it to do. As a result, you’re risking much higher maintenance costs and reducing the lifetime of your device.

#6 Create a safer environment

When considering a roof replacement Chicago, there’s a high probability that your old roof is no longer safe. It’s highly likely that it lets water and drafts enter freely into your home. This can encourage the buildup of mildew and mold and create harmful bacteria filled environments for you and your family

#7 Benefit from new technology

They design roofing technologies to last a long time as a result your existing roof is undoubtedly generations old. The technology used in newer roofs will be a significant upgrade on anything that was put in place in the 1960s or 1970s. For example, you could take advantage of a skylight.

#8 Reduce your stress levels

If you’re thinking about replacing your roof in Chicago, then you have a concern about its ability to protect your home and your family. This can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. Once you have it updated, you know you will live in a warm dry environment under a solid roof that has a full warranty.

#9 Start a fresh

If you just purchased a property, you may give it a fresh look. For many, this will just involve repainting the trim or siding to give the roof a little facelift. However, there are the roof enhancements consider. A full roof replacement may prove cost-effective in the long run it will give your new home a fresh start.

#10 Reduce your insurance premiums

Before you replace your roof, the first call should be to your insurance agent, as there are a variety of different discounts you may qualify for. It’s not unheard of for insurance companies to offer 5, 10 are sometimes up to 20% discounts in premiums.

#11 Take advantage of an airtight chimney cap

Older chimney caps kept critters birds and rain out of your home, but they weren’t meant to be energy efficient. Installing an airtight chimney cap when you upgrade your roof will help keep cold air out and warm air inside your home when you’re not using your fire.

#12 Eave flashing installation

When you’re replacing your roof in Chicago, talk to your Chicago roofing company about installing eave flashing. This can help protect your roof from excessive ice damage for a minimal additional cost.

#13 Upgrades the roofs ventilation system

Attics and quickly become saunas during the summer after not being well ventilated. This heat and quickly radiates into the rest of your home, making it very difficult to keep it cool. When you upgrade your roof, talk to your Chicago roofing company about the insulation of ridge vents. These will allow warm air to easily escape underneath your ridge cap and prevent the issues caused by poor roofing ventilation.

#14 Consider installing low-maintenance gutters

When talking to a roofing contractor about roof replacement Chicago, they will undoubtedly suggest you install a low maintenance guttering system. Replacing unsightly or misaligned existing gutters these new ones come with built-in hoods that are designed to be virtually maintenance free.

#15 Upgrade your insulation.

When you’re getting a roof replacement Chicago, most roofing company will replace the existing insulation in your attic, and this can instantly decrease any cooling bills and heating bills you experience during the summer or winter. Insulation upgrades will also help prevent ice dams causing are further damage to your roof or shingles during the winter.

#16 Ice and water shield installation

This is just an example of one of a variety of different products that your roofing contractors can use to help protect your roof. They apply this product to your eaves and it will help prevent any water or ice from backing up and damaging your roof.

#17 It can extend the home’s life span

Old or poorly maintained roofing systems can directly affect the structural integrity of the rest of your home. By replacing it with higher quality roofing materials that have been designed to be more durable, such as slate and metal, you can provide your own home with an extra layer of protection from the elements. We have designed modern roofing systems to last for at least 50 years once kept well maintained

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